ChargEVC adheres to several core values to enhance the effectiveness of its organization.

Holistic Approach:

Focused on the benefits of taking a proactive stance, in consideration of many factors, regarding EV market development to help ensure positive outcomes.

Working as a Coalition:

Building a broad and diverse range of interest groups that share EV adoption goals, which help to strengthen the effectiveness of advocacy. We bring together the many voices.

Trusted Resource:

A trusted and market-leading source for EV adoption regarding research, resources for policy makers, and a coordination hub for agencies, notices, events, and information.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

Raising awareness of the unique opportunity of increased EV adoption to reduce carbon. Although there exists no one silver bullet, the closest thing we have to ensuring a rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is the rapid deployment of EVs, coupled with the build out of renewable resources and storage to support a stronger and cleaner grid.

Smart Grid and Transportation Synergies:

Pursuing innovation opportunities in transportation and utility infrastructure. The participation of EVs and EV-chargers in the emerging “smart grid” provides an opportunity to improve utility reliability and delivery, particularly as consumer interest in EVs grows. These benefits will accrue to all ratepayers – not just those who drive EVs. Innovation opportunities abound as cars get smarter, and different business models emerge for personal transportation.
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