ChargEVC is a not-for-profit trade and research organization comprised of a community of stakeholders to promote electric vehicle (EV) use.

We bring together various groups that are impacted by EV penetration,
leading to a coalition of diverse interests that strives to help guide
sustainable EV growth.

ChargEVC and its members understand that one of the key ingredients in bringing about change and innovation is an effective voice. The case for change must be conveyed in such a way as to motivate an adjustment to the status quo. It is simply not enough to have a compelling message – the delivery of the message from a credible source is key.

ChargEVC, made up of car manufacturers, technology companies, utilities, consumer advocates and non-government organizations, serves as the singular voice of a compelling message. Years of experience inform us that diverse interests joined together in pursuit of a common purpose infused with social and economic benefits will multiply the organization’s impact. Simply put, ChargEVC is a voice that gets heard.

With manufacturers introducing affordable electric vehicles at an accelerating pace, there is a path for the transformation of our electric infrastructure and the way we travel that will deliver lower electricity costs, significant greenhouse gas reductions, a stronger grid, and numerous benefits from reduced petroleum use. ChargEVC works to convey this message, presenting credible and instructive data, and discrete but strong and achievable policy proposals that States can take to accelerate change.

The work of ChargEVC is organized on a state by state basis, as ChargEVC focuses on legislative and regulatory changes to best leverage the particular set of resources of a given state.

ChargEVC began in New Jersey and efforts are underway to expand into other northeast states.
417 Denison Street
Highland Park, NJ 08904