One ADP, One Planet: Sustainable Mobility Event

Roseland, NJ: On Wednesday, June 7th, ChargEVC took part in a sustainable mobility event held at the ADP headquarters in Roseland. This event featured options from electric skateboards and bicycles, to a variety of electric vehicles.

ADP event

Information tables along “electric avenue.”

Content for this event was provided by ChargEVC, which assisted in the education of employees about the benefits of electrified transportation. The event featured three interactive ways for employees to learn: (1) information tables, (2) a hands-on EV car show, and (3) an in-depth lecture. The event provided ChargEVC with an opportunity to refine a future workplace EV event.

Pamela Frank

Pamela Frank, CEO of ChargEVC, discussing EV advantages.

Over the course of two and a half hours, hundreds of employees interacted with ChargEVC, representatives from the FIA Formula-e NYC e-Prix race, Montclair State University interns, and ADP Green team representatives to learn more about electric vehicles. Employees began at the information tables in the lobby, which provided them with quick facts about electric vehicles and an opportunity to ask questions to a ChargEVC representative. Employees took a quiz to test their EV knowledge and entered a raffle to win a pair of tickets for the ePrix Race in Red Hook, Brooklyn this summer.

electric vehicles

ADP Employees view the electric vehicles on site.

As attendees exited the building, an EV car show allowed individuals the opportunity to view the various EVs available on the market. Outside, groups gathered to ask EV drivers about their experience. To round out the event, attendees learned about the electric vehicle market of New Jersey and determine which EV was right for them with an informative presentation by Mark Warner of ChargEVC. The event was a success with 95% of the attendees surveyed indicated that the event made them more likely to purchase or lease an electric vehicle.


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