The diversity of ChargEVC is what makes the organization so valuable.

Our members represent the key players that are crucial to shaping electric vehicle growth in a sound and sustainable manner. ChargEVC is organized as a 501(c)6. Interested in becoming a member? Click below to learn more.

Associate Membership

For Associate Membership
Recently, ChargEVC expanded its membership to include an Associate Membership category which includes municipalities, environmental commissions, and professional service providers. It is the intention of ChargEVC to include a wide range of stakeholders in this coalition, to diversify the perspective of the organization, and offer information and support for the common goal of electrified transportation in New Jersey.

Benefits for Associate Members:

  • Weekly, specialized news clipping service;
  • Updates on the electric vehicle market in New Jersey;
  • Information regarding funding and programs;
  • Access to the EV Roadmap Study developed by ChargEVC;
  • Advocacy opportunities at the state level for programs and policies.

To learn more about joining as an Associate Member, please contact Ashley-Lynn Chrzaszcz at (732)-296-0770 or

Voting Membership

ChargEVC is a coalition of diverse interested parties committed to expanding and accelerating the adoption of EVs for widespread benefit. ChargEVC is a coalition that includes EV manufacturers, technology companies, electric utilities, consumer advocate groups and NGOs. To learn more about joining as a Member, please contact Ashley-Lynn Chrzaszcz at (732)-296-0770 or

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