ChargEVC Roadmap Drives Massive Benefits for New Jersey

ChargEVC Roadmap drives massive benefits for New Jersey

September 13, 2017; Trenton, NJ: New Jersey is poised to become a top tier market for electric vehicles (EVs) with enormous and unprecedented benefits for consumers and air quality, says the state’s electric vehicle coalition, ChargEVC. The coalition released its’ Roadmap to success at a press conference in Trenton today.

“This single initiative – getting more EVs on our roads – can deliver massive benefits for all,” explains Pamela Frank, CEO of ChargEVC. She continues, “All electric customers save money with more electricity on our grid. Total net savings could be in the billions depending on how aggressive we choose to be.”

“To fulfill the potential of electric cars in New Jersey, we need to conquer the fear of range anxiety – the worry that you’re going to run out of charge. We have a dense travel network that we can use to build a high powered electric vehicle charging infrastructure on our busiest roads and highways,” said Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey and president of ChargEVC. This is the biggest barrier to driving an EV remains range anxiety, and this roadmap lays out the strategy on how New Jersey can become electric car friendly and a national leader.”

Setting goals for EV adoption and infrastructure, building charging infrastructure and providing rebates to make EVs accessible to more consumers are the top three policy action priorities in the Roadmap.

“New Jersey is a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) state and so auto retailers here will be called upon to sell many EVs. Approximately 330,000 new EVs by 2025 would make us compliant,” said James B. Appleton, President of NJ CAR and member. That’s into a market where only 10,000 EVs have been sold since the end of 2016, according to a previous analysis by ChargEVC. Appleton continues, “Manufacturers can build all the EVs government regulators mandate and new car dealers want to sell all the EVs automakers can build. But without significant financial incentives, customers just aren’t buying enough EVs to meet our ambitious clean air goals. The Roadmap recognizes that ‘cash on the hood’ moves product and calls for more government and automaker skin in the game to build the EV market.”

“The good news is the benefits more than pay for the cost of vehicle rebates and the public charging infrastructure needed to address range anxiety,” remarks Scott Fisher, Vice President of Greenlots and member.

Although most of car charging typically happens at home and at night, one of ChargEVC’s policy priorities is building out a state-of-art public charging network to address range anxiety. Nearly 67% of all the miles driven in New Jersey occur on only 50 roads. New Jersey can address this issue much more efficiently than most states.

“EVs brings impactful public health and environmental benefits and if developed the right way, can produce significant benefits for customers,” remarks Courtney McCormick VP of PSE&G and ChargEVC member. She continues, “To realize the full potential of EVs, it’s important to note that how, when and where charging happens are key considerations in realizing the savings for all electric customers.”

Marty Johnson, President of Isles and member adds, “Air pollution deeply affects those of us who live and work in New Jersey cities, and it’s time to clean it up. Given today’s utility grid, every mile driven in an electric car is 70% cleaner than a mile fueled with gasoline. That’s a big impact that grows each time a driver converts to an electric car.”

“This story gets even better as we add more renewables to the mix,” adds Frank.

Next month, ChargEVC will release a landmark study that details the benefits to New Jersey. To read the complete Roadmap, please visit

ChargEVC is a not-for-profit coalition of diverse stakeholders that includes retail automotive dealers, utilities, consumer and equity advocates, environmental and labor organizations and technology companies. See for more information.
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